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Design and style

Beauty becomes matter

design e stile

The best materials, with their intrinsic qualities and aesthetic characteristics, are combined together in many different configurations and join with style to fit harmoniously into any architectural environment. Imagination, design and innovation travel hand in hand to create top-level windows and doors from the aesthetic point of view.



Strong references to tradition, smooth and rounded lines. It favours prominent decorative details.
For you who are refined, attentive to detail and decorations, you who generously loves to open the doors of your cosy home.



Architectural purity, rigorous geometric lines, natural materials, Zen balance. For you who loves to escape from what is superfluous, you who are essential, orderly, rigorous, you who looks only at the important things, you who loves the sense of freedom.



Fashionable, simple and elegant, refined at intervals. Aesthetic materials that last over time, that are ageless.
For you who with great confidence affirms your style.



It is the trendy style, linked to the fashion of the moment, full of cutting-edge technological solutions, a style that is constantly evolving.
For you who are fashionable and always in step with the times.



Underground style initially adopted to furnish New Yorkers' lofts, it favours rough and deliberately imperfect finishes.
For you who are not afraid to show off your rough and edgy side and surround yourself with objects that smell of history.