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Simply Smart

Simply Smart technologies

With the new SimplySmart technology, Schüco has managed to greatly simplify and optimise the increased complexity of highly thermally insulated window systems.

Product benefits:

  • New generation of fittings for closed vent frame corners with innovative installation methods
  • Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart
  • Improved thermal insulation in the core business (Schüco AWS 75.SI window+)
  • Use of renewable raw materials (Schüco AWS 90.SI window+ Green)
  • Optimised composite window to passive house standard (Schüco AWS 120 CC.SI window)
  • Energy-efficient, new block windows series (Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI window+)
  • Architectural and emotional LED lighting, Schüco LightSkin powerd by Zumtobel


VentoTherm – Ventilation integrated into the window with heat recovery

The most efficient building ventilation is an issue that investors and developers are increasingly focusing on today. The requirements of current standards and regulations for energy conservation and ambient air quality call for new ventilation systems that are fit for the future – providing greater comfort and increasing returns on investment in property.

With Schüco VentoTherm, Schüco is now offering an efficient system solution for decentralised ventilation: ventilation integrated into the window with heat recovery – controlled air exchange without opening the window. This optimises energy consumption, the room climate and air quality - all of which are decisive advantages when marketing and managing a property.



Schüco The Schüco TipTronic fitting brings a new operating concept to the Schüco AWS window system. All windows are integrated into the building automation system and therefore help with energy and security management. They are easily operated using two buttons integrated in the handle. They control the motors that are concealed in the frame and that lock and unlock the window in an instant as well as tilt and close the vent in a matter of seconds. The turn function works as normal by manually operating the handle.

Door Control Sysytem

A high degree of functionality and a choice of modules distinguish the Schüco Door Control System (DCS). The door management system is unique due to its diverse application options, access control, door communication and emergency exit control combined with the uniform, timeless design. The flush-fitted installation of the modules into the door profile and the high-quality surface made of black glass give the system a refined, opulent character. Further installation options include surface-mounting or mounting on a panel in the wall. Clip technology allows smooth and time-saving installation of all components. Coded and prepared cables simplify the electrical installation. Uniform module dimensions and variable lengths for the infill units create the greatest possible design freedom. The system is thereby setting new standards in door management and as a result it has won the iF product design award and the Red Dot Design Award. 2 Schüco Schüco Door Control System


Wireless Control System

For the renovation of commercial buildings in particular, the new Schüco Wireless Control System offers the option of connecting together all the building functions by fitting the existing building with an energy-efficient and intelligent automation system.

The intelligent networking of automated Schüco system components with the wireless and largely energy self-sufficient Schüco Wireless Control System units in the renovation of buildings achieves energy saving. The relevant of predominantly from the 1960s and 1970s, are characterised by the fact that they have neither suspended ceilings nor conduits where the cables can be laid. The Schüco Wireless Control System is the solution to this with wireless, intelligent automation without the need for wiring inside.