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Low-consumption house

Energy: the house of tomorrow today

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Thermal comfort and energy savings are goals that are reached in the innovation of Passive Houses, technologically advanced homes that allow a minimal use of conventional heating sources and ensure maximum energy autonomy. It is on this level - and at the same time on that of automation and advanced domotics - where the challenge for the house of the future lies.

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Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation that an aluminium door or window can guarantee is greater than what one imagines. The new technologies Schüco offers make the aluminium doors and windows comparable to those in wood or PVC as far as thermal insulation is concerned. They help increase living comfort and energy savings even in buildings of an extensive floor space. Designed to achieve maximum technical performance, Schüco windows are tested to slow down the heat flows moving inward from the outside and vice versa through special thermal break profiles that are created with the use of insulating strips which hinder the formation of condensation on the frame. With a Schüco window, comfort and an optimum climate inside the house is maintained more easily, in both the summer and winter.
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Integrated counter frames

They ensure a homogeneous insulation around the window or door by reducing the thermal bridges and consequently the loss of heat.
serramenti isolanti

Insulating windows and doors

They ensure a proper thermal insulation by increasing the energy performance of the building and at the same time the well-being and the comfort of your home.