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HELLA TRAVĀ®frame. Fast and convenient installation.

The HELLA box systems save time and costs, prevent structural defects, optimise construction quality and meet the standards. Even the future ones.

An assembly box which perfectly integrates the window and sun protection is mounted in the window opening. This simple assembly saves you time and costs. Thermal bridges, cracks and other structural defects are avoided, while energy values and acoustic insulation will be ideal.




Benefits for architects

  • Time saved owing to the efficient design
  • Compliance with applicable standards
  • Safety of a reliable system
  • Advice and design
  • Elimination of construction defects
  • Possibility of combination with all solar and insect protection systems
  • Better insulation values and consequent reduction of the building's energy requirements

Benefits for customers

  • Quick installation with lower assembly costs
  • Elimination of thermal bridges without risk of mould forming
  • More attractive window, including solar and insect protection products
  • High noise insulation
  • Reduced costs owing to energy efficiency
  • Elimination of common window assembly errors
  • Attainment of defined values

Benefits for builders

  • Quick installation with lower assembly costs
  • Simpler and quicker assembly in compliance with the standards
  • Flexibility for all common window assembly variants without additional costs
  • Elimination of the danger of cracks
  • Fewer causes of error
  • Accurate set-up with level layout