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Panorama design

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Panoramic windows

Enjoy the panorama in all its beauty, without any disturbance in its perception, even from inside your home? It is possible thanks to the panoramic design of the Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI system.

Large surfaces and maximum transparency are the features of this sliding system that has extremely small visible sections in the central node and a fixed concealed frame, ensuring unhindered visual interaction between the interior and exterior.

Design, as well as energy savings and comfort of use: Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI system proves to be an excellent system both due to the high thermal insulation which is able to ensure and to its drive technology and automatic concealed locking devices in the profile.

Features and benefits

  • Maximum transparency and natural light thanks to visible sections of only 30 mm in the central node and a fixed concealed frame
  • Excellent thermal insulation with Uw values up to 1.3 W/m²K together with exceptional system features
  • Innovative solution with rails for large wing weights, up to 500 kg
  • Possibility to use glass up to 60mm thick
  • New design solutions, without handles, clear-cut lines
  • Burglar-proof safety up to class WK2

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  • New operation system and concealed locking device in the profile
  • Quick, quiet and comfortable opening and closing by pressing a button on the external control panel
  • Possibility of connecting with the remote control or through the home domotics system

Possible solutions


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Schüco ASE 67 PD panoramic sliding glass door:
total transparency, maximum accessibility

panorama design ASS-67 BN

The new aluminium Schüco ASE 67 PD (Aluminium Sliding Element 67 mm Panorama Design) system makes it possible to produce large sliding glass doors (wing size up to 3200X3000 mm and weight up to 400 kg) offering ultimate transparency.

The outer frame is designed to disappear inside the building's walling, leaving only an ultra-thin 31-mm central node in sight.

Elegant and discreet, the new Schüco ASE 67 PD sliding glass door is also top performing from the accessibility viewpoint. The perfectly flat "0-level" threshold makes crossing between indoors and outdoors easier, and also facilitates access for those with difficulty in moving, such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Features and Benefits

System for sliding elements with thermal insulation that offers ultimate transparency and the best possibilities for natural light to penetrate

Locking mechanism

  • New fully integrated locking devices: central node lock (no additional handle needed) or side lock with handle and integrated opening mechanism
  • Minimal design of the ergonomic handle
  • Exclusive handle opening movement, the only solution of the kind on the market

ASS-67 Scorrevole panoramicaASS-67 Scorrevole panoramicaASS-67 Scorrevole panoramica


  • Optimal integration in the building since the height of the fixed frame is low, 57 mm or 90 mm
  • Visible 31-mm section at the central node
  • Base construction depth of the wing profile: 67 mm
  • Fixed concealed frame


  • Large wing size, up to 3200 mm in width and 3000 mm in height
  • Possibility to use glass up to 49.6 mm thick
  • Dry glazing technique
  • Wing weight up to 400 kg (200 kg with limited manoeuvring effort)
  • Exclusive handle opening movement, the only solution of the kind on the market


  • Innovative sliding system, easy to remove for cleaning
  • Replacement of the rail without dismantling the wing
  • "0-level" threshold, no stumbling at ground level with easy transit, waterproof up to 300Pa

Available solutions

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