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SmartWood Windows


Schüco SmartWood windows. Modern Design

The Schüco Smart Wood finish is an innovative design solution, genuine wood veneer on Schüco aluminium profiles.

Arriving from the world of design furnishings, it is a technology that covers the profiles of Schüco windows and doors with a genuine wood veneer in an exclusive colour palette.

In this way, Schüco's experience in the world of windows and doors – which means guaranteed durability over the years – is combined with the warmth and naturalness of wood used inside the home.

Thanks to the production process involving the oxidation of aluminium profiles, application of the raw wood veneer, sanding and applying multiple coats of treatment and surface finish, it is possible to get a long-lasting, pleasant to the touch product in a range of windows and doors boasting a modern design with the naturalness of the wood.

Finestre Schüco SmartWoodFinestre Schüco SmartWoodFinestre Schüco SmartWood